Ways To Get Out Of The Friendzone- Brilliant Tips That Actually Work

by Olage Martin

It’s discouraging to love someone who thinks of you as a friend. No sane Individual likes to be called a friend when he/she wants more. If you are stuck in a bubble of friendzone you shouldn’t feel disheartening as the following tips will be of much help to you.

Ways to get out of the friendzone

1. Don’t appear too needy

If you truly have the intentions of breaking away from from a friend zone then you should avoid acting all needy. Chances are, if you constantly call and text them they might take you for granted. Avoiding appearing all desperate, if he/she doesn’t initiate conversations don’t always be in a hurry to initiate one.

2. Distance yourself

If you’ve repeatedly made it clear to him/her about your feelings then it’s time for you to embrace a laid back attitude, at least for now. To avoid being hurt, sometimes its better if you distance yourself from them as their choices may be different from your expectations.

3. Make him/her believe that you like someone else

After distancing yourself from them, let them have the idea that you no longer interested in them. Make them believe that you are currently drawn to another person. Chances are, they may have feelings for you and start running back to you.

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