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Weru TV fires three journalist for attending an interview at Royal Media services.

Believed to be one of the best professional TV station in Meru region,Weru Tv is now losing it.Owned by former Royal Media services cameraman John Marete,Weru TV and Weru fm were believed to be the next big thing in media industry generally in Meru region.The things seem to be changing as the management is now applying gorilla tactics to gag its staff something that is not captured in the employment contract that the staff members signed before starting their work.Our mole in the station tells us that one Stella Karimi Gituma (County) got wind of the information that the three sacked employees were attending an interview at Royal media services (Muuga Fm) and informed the boss John Marete who ordered for their summary dismissal with immediate effect.They were then removed from the company’s WhatsApp group.

Both John Marete and Karimi county used to work for Royal media services and its not known why they would act in bizarre manner that they have given the fact that Weru TV pays peanuts to its employees.The question we at MKN are asking is …Is it a crime for people to look for green pastures?Why cant the HR department at Weru talk to their employees and increase their salaries instead of giving people summary dismissal when they start looking for greener pastures?For how long will Weru continue sacking its employees whom we are told are being overworked and paid mere peanuts?Does Weru management know the effects of high staff turn over rate?Is John Marete losing it in media management?

The sacked employees who are Sensation Eucabeth Mukami who was handling mid morning on Weru Fm

Photo courtesy of Magicalkenyanews.co.ke

Dazzling Charity Kamanku the Camera and Radio midnight host

Photo courtesy of magicalkenyanews.co.ke

Magnificent Agnes Kathure (Gacururiga) who hosted the gospel show on Weru TV

Photo courtesy of magicalkenyanews.co.ke.

We hope that the management may rescind this decision to sack the above ladies and instead give them a little pay hike to motivate them.Weru Tv is so far gaining viewership and its utter nonsense to feel threatened by Royal Media Services to an extent of sacking your employees when they go for interviews there.Its only nincompoops who have no ambitions in life, who will feel comfortable working all their years at Weru TV and Radio.

Journalists in Kenya are the most oppressed beings, they agitate for the rights of others but not themselves.Media council of Kenya has made matters worse by giving every Tom,Dick Na Harry accreditation including jokers commonly referred to as comedians .This has in effect made journalism the most useless job and open to anybody.In Kenya we only have Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) but journalists are skeptical about joining it since they have not executed any tangible case especially on matters of illegal sackings like this one at Weru Tv and Weru Radio.Journalists therefore are left to be on their own and may be trusting in their God to intervene in such scenarios.

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