What next for Waititu after poor TV showing?

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. [CREDIT/Ferdinand Waititu]
If it was a TV interview where a live studio audience is usually invited, the probability is that you could have noticed the pro-Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu audience fidget in their chairs as they try as much as possible to avoid the TV cameras picking their facial reactions.

Unfortunately, Citizen TV’s JKL show doesn’t belong to this format which left Waititu to have a free ride of ’embarrassing’ himself without any supportive audience who could signal at him via facial expressions every time he derailed. Lost? Let’s paraphrase.

On Wednesday, last week, Jeff Koinange invited the Nairobi City County Governor Mike Sonko on the same show to address an array of issues including his surging rivalry with Waititu which is our focus here.

Sonko brutally attacked Waititu accusing him of madness culminating from excessive use of bhang which he claimed he had evidence that Waititu was still using up to now as Kiambu governor.

Apparently to give Waititu a right of reply, Koinange invited him on the subsequent Wednesday’s show (yesterday), where by all indications he failed to defend himself from Sonko’s corrosive vitriol.

In fact, as some may have correctly observed, Waititu’s appearance on the show was more of like taking coal to Newcastle as it left him with more injuries after the TV appearance.

“Waititu should sack his political advisers enmassely for making him waste his time to make Sonko to look like an insurmountable political genius,” Newton Njihia, a renowned Thika-based Lawyer wrote on a popular WhatsApp group during the interview.

Among the inadequacies that Njihia outlined to have been rife during Waititu’s interview include poor on-air composure, self-contradictions, scanty preparation for the interview among others.

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