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What really led to Samburu governor’s arrest?

Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal. [Credit/NMG]
Devolution has apparently been a cash cow for many elected governors across the country.

Many elected leaders at the devolved units have been accused of misappropriating public funds for their own personal gain with minimal track record of development on their name.

This morning, for instance, it was business unusual for Samburu Governor, Moses Lenolkulal, who was arrested over the loss of taxpayers money amounting to over Sh84M.

According to the DPP, the county government of Samburu paid Oryx Service Station linked to Lenolkulal, a sum of Sh84,695,996.55 which was shared between Mr. Hesbon Ndathi – a business associate of the governor and himself.

Although the governor’s interest in Oryx Service Station is still not known, the DPP’s office believes he has a stake in its ownership.

Among the charges the DPP, Noordin Haji, seeks to prosecute the county boss for include: Abuse of office, Conflict of interest and conspiracy to commit economic crimes.

Also mentioned on this report are 13 county officials – Josephine Lenasalia (environment), Rueben Lemunyete (Agriculture), Paul lolmingani (transport), Stephen Letinina (county secretary), Linus Leninge (education), Daniel Lenolkirina (chief officer of finance).

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