Where is this Markman Mr. Dafton Mwitiki

by Marcus Wambui

Mr. Dafton Mwitiki who is the head of marketing of National Gun Owners Association(NGAO-K)  went missing 5 days ago .
The inernational Defensive Pistol Association is fearing about the disappearance of this fellow.
He owned a car brand – Landcruiser Discovery by the plate number KCK 997…
His car was found near a dam near Juja.

His search is carried out by the Kenya Police assisted by the Search and rescue Canines.The divers have also been deployed near the dam and the search is said to be slimmer.

DCI and National Police Service have not been left out in the search for this markman.

dci-kenya-headquarters entrace kiambu road – courtesy kenyans.co.ke

The CCTV surveillance and the latest phone call logs are also being investigated in any way to get any information about his whereabout.

The search has been moved from DCI JUJA to DCI KILIMANI.

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