Why Coronavirus could “finish” Ruto completely

by Jeff Murunga

As Kenya grapples with rising Coronavirus cases, the fight against the pandemic may in the long run take a political turn- leaving many casualities.

Deputy President William Ruto could end up becoming the first political victim of the Coronavirus pandemic if he is not careful.

Since Kenya confirmed the first case of the disease on March 13, the DP has maintained an uncharacteristic silence, with many left speculating on his whereabouts.

With presidential meetings escaped, the DP’s relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta surely broken beyond repair. Perhaps that explains why he skipped nearly all Coronavirus-related meetings chaired by the President and attended by top stakeholders in the health and other government sector.

Save for the National Prayer Day over Coronavirus at State House on Saturday, the DP has given President Kenyatta’s functions a wide berth.

With this in mind, has Dr Ruto scored political own goal in the fight against Coronavirus? Has he made mistakes that could dim his political ambitions? And how will Kenyans judge him? Can he redeem his image?

There is no doubt that Dr Ruto’s rivals will in future use this Coronavirus issue as a political tool against the DP.

There is no doubt that they will remind Kenyans that the DP “went missing” when they needed him most and that he cannot be entrusted with the country’s leadership.

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