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Disgracefully fired Royal Media Services’ boss goes berserk, calls bloggers ‘blood-sucking vampires’ with mental issues

Winnie Kungania enjoying good times with her formerly Muuga FM  junior- turn-husband, Mbaka Muriuki. [Photo/Courtesy]

FIRED and humiliated former Muuga FM boss Winnie Kungania has through a uselessly lengthy Facebook post bluntly replied to a story we ran a week ago detailing the events that led to her disgraceful dismissal from Royal Media Services few years ago.

By MKN Editorial Team

The story which was also picked by other reputable websites from this ‘gutter blog’ as Winnie naïvely calls it, also revealed how Winnie has tirelessly been trying to discredit her successor, Grace Mukiri, on social media which culminated to a bitter online exchange between the two.

This was after Mukiri, apparently, unable to stomach more of Winnie’s social media nonsensical and bitter spats aimed at her, decided to face her head on.

That said, it now seems that Winnie unable to achieve whatever it is that she wanted to achieve by attacking Mukiri online, she has decided to bring the war at our doorstep because of exposing her ‘little dirty secrets’ that no one previously knew about.

Winnie has disrespectfully referred to us and the entire blogging community as ‘bullies and blood-sucking vampires with mental health problems’ and ‘low self-esteem’.

“I am writing about this because there are people out there who have lost their lives after they were bullied online,” Winnie writes in parts on her Facebook wall.

She then goes ahead on a bitter personalized offensive to discredit this site terming it a ‘gutter blog’.

“A lot of things have been written about me in a certain gutter blog in the last few days. Vicious, personal attacks have been leveled against me by people who have held personal grudges against me for years and years. I was attacked on Facebook and WhatsApp, but the most amazing thing is that I saw someone I mentored also commenting, with no idea of what the war was all about,” Winnie barks.

She adds: “It’s funny that someone with legit beef with me chooses to use gutter press to get even. Isn’t it better to face someone and give them a piece of your mind? Well, I called the blogger and asked him if he knows what he is posting about and he proudly said YES. There is evidence. Why then didn’t he support his claims with evidence?”

Winnie whom her successor at Muuga FM accused of ‘not moving on’ during the fiery Facebook exchange, has, however, foolishly acknowledged the objectivity of this ‘gutter blog’ saying she was given a ‘right of reply’ but chose her Facebook wall.

Clearly, it is only on her wall where she could spit such bitter and venomous garbage without being censored and of course, she was sure to get some consolation comments, likes, thumps up and so on, from hypocrites pretending to be with her while in real sense they stand on the opposite side laughing at her naïveté.

“My right of reply has such damning evidence that may cause people to lose their jobs and their standing in our community. I decided not to put it all out there. Again, my wisdom does not allow me to use gutter press to accuse and counter accuse. So, no I shall not stoop that far down,” the incredibly wise Winnie threatens, before consoling herself with some irrelevant quotations from American televangelist, Joel Osteen.

Editorial Note

Winnie claims she has ‘something very special inside her’ that we are seeking to ‘destroy’.

Nothing could be further from the truth! INSTEAD we have a 6-POINT free advice to Winnie which we hope she will take SERIOUSLY being ‘mtu amesoma na anayeonewa wivu’ as she puts it.

1. Bloggers are not mad people with low self-esteem.

Some, like those who run this site, are professional journalists who do not run around like headless chicken seeking for relevance as Winnie has been doing on her Facebook wall over the past few weeks.

Blogging we must educate Winnie, came in to fill the gap that highly compromised mainstream media practitioners like her, have been unable to fill for a long time after opting to spend their entire times praising and massaging the egos of morally corrupt individuals in order to get kickbacks. This, all at the expense of their loyal audiences whom they claim to serve. Balderdash! Here we hold brief for no one.

2. MKN is not a gutter blog.

This is a 360° credible source of information, entertainment to name but a few, and that is why we gave her a right of reply which she arrogantly turned down. However, we normally do not have time for sugarcoating things so that those offended by brutal truth like Winnie, do not commit suicide!

If someone wants to hang themselves because truth has been told about them, they know how to do it and where to execute the action! We won’t be liable!!

Furthermore, why did Winnie even spend a substantial amount of time going by the length of her post, replying to information published on a gutter blog?

3. We hold no personal grudges against Winnie or anyone else for that matter. For what gain?

What is there though, is that, if you are or have ever been a public figure, celebrity and what have you, we will never shy away from objectively publishing anything about you that we deem newsworthy to our readership. This is why we do not report about private citizens who are busy minding their own businesses.

Otherwise, we aren’t, have never and will never be cowed by threats; real, empty or otherwise. They simply do not work for us! The earlier Winnie comes to terms with this, the better for her!

4. We DARE Winnie to RELEASE that ‘damning evidence’ she claims to possess that can ’cause people to lose their jobs’.

Otherwise, to us, this remains just hot air inside an inflated balloon that will soon burst out to obscurity.

For once we beg Winnie, not to allow her ‘wisdom’ prevail. Let her release that so-called ‘damning evidence’ now we shall be the first ones to publish it! We have enough ink barrels to do that. Sometimes what the Devil requires, is just another Devil to square things out. Fire for fire!!

5. Move on!

We advise Winnie to move on after her unceremonial dismissal from RMS and seek better opportunities elsewhere. We say so pretty aware that Winnie is still being haunted by nostalgia of that long gone time when she used to ‘boss’ everyone around at Muuga FM. That time is gone and Winnie has to let it go! No need to cry foul over spilt milk!

6. Winnie MUST stop playing ‘VICTIM’.

Burnt mercilessly by the same fire she started herself, Kungania is running to the same social media she used to light a bonfire to seek solace while pretending to be the ‘innocent’ victim.

Winnie knows as we do, that she ‘vomited’ recklessly on the high table and now that the consequences of her poorly thought actions have struck, she wants us to feel sorry for her and show sympathy. Karma is a bitch! We advise her to clean her mess silently without disturbing other people’s peace! If you make your bed, so you must lie on it, an old adage rightly advises.

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