Why Inooro FM presenter Wambui Wa Muturi can’t just rhyme with colleagues

Inooro FM radio presenter Wambui Wa Muturi. [CREDIT/Facebook]
When she moved to Inooro TV ahead of the station’s launch less than five years ago after she was she was disgracefully dismissed from Kameme FM where she was the mid-morning show (Canjamuka) host, very few people could brand Rachael Wambui Muturi as a ‘troublemaker’.

By MKN Media Monitoring

Nevertheless, while still at Kameme FM, Wambui according to insiders, was egoistic, proud and self-centred and would go to any level just to gain the management’s favour to the detriment of other colleagues.

“When Rachael was finally dismissed from Kameme FM after falling out with the management, all of us said good riddance. The lady was simply a troublemaker and had a very hostile working relationship with colleagues,” a former colleague at Kameme FM told MKN on Friday.

Wambui would, however, get a reprieve after spending some time in the cold when Inooro TV launched in 2016 and was hired to host the hourly ‘Ndagitari’ show which airs on weekdays from 6pm.

The presenter’s fortunes would double upon the departure of popular Inooro FM’s breakfast show host, Waithira Muithirania, who resigned from the station to venture into elective politics ahead of 2017 General Elections.

Waithira’s departure from Inooro FM precipitated a change in programming where Wambui alongside the then afternoon show host, Jeff Kuria, would be paired together to host the station’s breakfast show (Hagaria).

But according to critics, the Kuria-Wambui morning combination boomeranged as the two lacked on-air chemistry and even listeners would notice their microphone competition.

Attempts to introduce a comedian to the show perhaps to neutralize the two presenters would also backfire on the station’s management.

Benjamin Wangari, a respected veteran news presenter, who had been moved from the newsroom to become the show’s producer, was also apparently unable to rein on the two presenters whose on-air rivalry has seen the 6am-10am show ratings plummet as the show’s audience shifted allegiance to rival station Kameme FM.

At one point, there were even rumours that Royal Media Services, Inooro FM mother company, was contemplating poaching the Kameme FM breakfast show duo of Gatonye Wa Mbugua and comedian Mzee Kiengei.

This is, however, yet to yield any fruits leading Inooro FM to recently separate the unworkable duo of Kuria and Wambui. The latter has since been re-assigned to the early morning gospel show, ‘Thereruka’, which was being hosted by Julie Kamau.

According to a senior presenter at the station who has talked to us, the move to separate Wambui and Kuria was ‘long overdue’ but moving Wambui to the gospel show was ‘ill-informed and utter nonsense’.

“Wambui has always been associated with secular and adult-content rated shows since she was at Kameme FM. How do you then expect her to deliver in a gospel show? To me, it is equivalent of having a presenter like Nderitu Waihura to host ‘Kimuri Kia Inooro’. There is no correlation in that from whichever angle you want to look st it,” the presenter who sought anonymity told MKN on Friday.

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