The media houses in Kenya are in downward trajectory thanks to media owners  continued recycling of Rigid, nincompoop managers who have no ability to think. These people are poached from one media house to the other where they bring one media house down and head to the next. The most worrying trend is that the media owners seem not to realise so, they entrust these failures with managerial position which the idiots cant tell what to do with them.

As a result, the Kenyan media industry which is supposed to be a world of creativity has turned into a copy cat of stupid programs. Shockingly, even citizen TV that came about via creativity has been turned into a copy cut idiocy. The lazy managers unite and form cartels whose work is receiving bribes in order to have any program at the station. This has seen the creative independent producers who have serious programs unable to give their programs as they are forced to cough unreasonable amounts to the media cartels whom their only objective is enriching themselves through these corrupt deals. The rogue producers who part ways with bribes later produce shoddy programs, and the media managers run to Mexico and India to buy cheap programs with no African values in them.

The technology has beaten these rigid media managers to an extent that they are so clueless on how to make money online.They depend on few forms of marketing to make money and as a result the media houses are making huge losses that are unsustainable to any business hence the many job losses. Retrenchment is the order of the day yet the media managers are sited pretty in their chairs thinking who to sack next. The funny thing is at long run they too will be sacked. Unless media owners learn who to employ and stop this method of poaching failures to their stations and take fresh thinkers, the media houses will never be any better and its a matter of time before the bloggers turn to be the huge source of news, though even now bloggers are better trusted than many media houses.

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