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Why Miguna has ferociously attacked Ndii for criticizing Raila

Former NASA strategist David Ndii/courtesy.

Exiled loudmouth lawyer Miguna Miguna has bashed economist David Ndii for criticising ODM Chief Raila Odinga after he hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, Kristina Pratt Kenyatta at his Capitol Hill office on Wednesday where he handed her a copy of his book, ‘The Flame of Freedom’.

Ndii, who worked as Raila’s chief strategist in the 2017 polls, would, however, shortly take to social media to ridicule Raila accusing him of betrayal.

“We have truly lost this one. What a let down,” Ndii tweeted.

Miguna would in turn come out gun blazing accusing Ndii of being a hypocrite saying he pretended to sympathise with him when he was dramatically deported to Canada.

He noted that Ndii cheered as the government, allegedly with Raila’s blessings, hounded him out of the country.

“Hypocrites. So to Ndii, meeting Uhuru’s sister is worse than torture of people like me which he condoned and cheered as he pretended on Twitter to be unhappy about. When we were telling them that the #HandChieth was treacherous they abused us,” Miguna tweeted .

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