Why Moi University Nairobi campus students have been thrown into confusion two weeks to graduation

A past graduation at Moi University/Standard.

The fate of Moi University, Nairobi campus students expected to graduate on 22nd of this month hangs on the balance following what some students talking to MKN have termed as ‘cat and mouse game’ between Nairobi and Eldoret (main campus).

According to one Communication Journalism student, they are yet to get marks with only some few days to graduation because part time lecturers have not been paid and they swore never to release results till they get their dues paid.

“We’ve been clearing, we don’t owe them anything and the only thing the campus director says is we wait. We’ve been waiting since and when we ask questions we are told ‘let’s wait for official communication from Eldoret,” one student who asked for anonymity says.

Another one says that the dean of students told them that as far as he’s concerned, no one is graduating from Nairobi campus because he is not aware of release of any results yet they have been loading on students portal since third year.

The students, however, notes that some ‘humane’ part time lecturers who had withheld their results have released them as they don’t want to be blamed for anyone not graduating. We are told they are not sure whether they will ever be paid.

The Nairobi students frustrations is compounded by the fact that “in Moi you can never sit for an exam owing them even a single shilling yet we are on the verge of missing out on our long awaited graduation”.

Part time lecturers are said to be owed millions of shillings by the university yet students are made to pay through their noses before they can sit for any exam, first semester of every year Sh69,200, second semester Sh64,000.

Another rot that the students have pointed out is field course payments where each student pays Sh4,000 per semester but when they are going out for the same they are given only Sh500 per day to cater for food and accommodation in the four days trip.

“By the end of 4yrs, the field course money is Sh32,000 but one is only given Sh500 per day for four days. What happens to the rest of the money?” one student poses.

Another thing that has emerged from this mêlée is that in Nairobi campus there is a lot of discrimination based on tribe with one student noting that, “when any staff who is not a Kalenjin does something wrong they’re shown the door. Ofisi za nairobi campus ni wakale tupu especially managers. Very few from other tribes.”

With a fortnight to graduation, two lists of graduands have been generated but the university has denied any involvement after it was found out many legible students were missing. As we talk, nothing has been done to address the issue of the two lists. All that is happening is back and forth of misleading information coming from the dean, director, HoD and the co-ordinator.


On Wednesday the HoD informed the students missing from the two dubious lists that nothing can be done about their situation and they have to wait until December.

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