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Why Ruiru,Thika towns are the epitomes of prostitution this festive period!

Sex work business is rampant in Thika and Ruiru for two reasons. [CREDIT/]
While imposing a ban on daytime commercial sex trade across Kiambu in early October, the county government singled out Thika and Ruiru towns as the most notorious hotspots as pertaining to this trade.


The county government accused the sex workers of lining the streets as early as 9am as they sought for potential clients.

However, a spot check on many entertainment joints in Thika that condone this trade, shows that the business is on as usual despite the ban.

It thus begs for the question, why is prostitution so rampant in the two towns that are not so far from each other? Here are some few observations!

1. Fearless sex workers

Sex workers in the two towns apparently are not afraid of the authorities. Or how would you describe someone who goes ahead to commit an illegality knowingly?

A Makongeni sex worker revealed in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that she wasn’t bothered by the ban.

“I don’t care about the ban or fear to be arrested. I do not offer my services to underage kids theause I also have teenage children who look up to me. Do they want me to sleep all day and feed them on that ban?” she asked.

2. Authorities that are only good at lip service

When those in authority just talk without walking the talk, what do you expect? Laxity on the side of those entrusted to enforce the ban is without a doubt the reason why daytime commercial sex trade is still going on in the two towns.

3. Change is gradual
All other factors notwithstanding, we can perhaps assume that the sex workers still hawking their ‘wares’ during the day are in a transition where they could still be weighing out various options.

On the other hand, we can still assume the authorities may have given the sex workers a grace period to comply with the ban before eventually swinging into action!

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