Why singer Akothee is in a bitter war of words with the Kenyan media

Urban music sensation Akothee. [CREDIT/Akothee]

Kenyan musician akothee has told off the Kenyan media for what she has termed as ‘suffocating’ her with phone calls asking for interviews.

By MKN Reporter

In a video posted on her Instagram account, the singer has asked the media to stop pestering her with frequent calls because she is not interested in what they are after currently. She instead asked them to concentrate on playing her songs.

“Call me at your own risk, your are the same people who will publish my parents when they are stuck in the hospital and laugh about the paybill. Call your role models for interviews and play my music abebo and because I am an entertainer not a pastor” she is quoted in the viral video as saying.

The singer has been trending on social media after a photo of her wearing a bikini at a show in Mombasa went viral.

The mother of five was captured spreading her legs in front of the audience while performing.

Most Kenyans expressed their anger and disappointment with the photo arguing that the singer lacks the moral compass and values that a mother should have.

Akothee had earlier on stated that she owes no one any apology and that the government does not pay her to play the role of a societal role model.

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