Akothee gets defence from unlikely source

Urban music sensational singer Akothee. [CREDIT/E-daily]
Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) Chairman Ezekiel Mutua is once again in a bitter war with urban music sensation Akothee after he termed her as ‘cheap and immoral’.

By MKN Reporter

The mother of five has been trending since last weekend for her performance at Mombasa something that Nairobi women Representative Esther Passaris had defended the singer on saying that their was nothing wrong with her performance.

During an interview on KTN News on Thursday, Passaris asked Kenyans especially the ‘keyboard warriors’ to stop frustrating the artist.
“That was a show that was entertaining. I saw women in front been entertained to the core.This country is so frustrating, its good to go out and celebrate our own,” she said.

She went further and asked to stop pressuring women, because society should not dictate how someone lives their lives.

“Its not Akothees duty to teach our children, its our obligation as parents,” she added.

However, the moral cop Ezekiel Mutura would hear none of it.

“Its cheap, immoral and demeaning for a grown up woman to expose her private parts in public or gyrate for men in the name of entertainment. How sad that even our national leaders think its funny,” Mutua wrote on his Twitter handle.

Nevertheless, the singer has continued to insist that she is not a role model to anyone including her own kids saying that those bashing her should ‘mind their own business’.

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