Analyst Explains Why Uhuru is Cultivating Kikuyu-Luo Unity

Political commentator Kwendo Opanga has noted President Uhuru Kenyatta has gone overboard to nurture relationship between Kikuyu and Luo communities.

Opanga said Uhuru’s new task is what made the President embrace ODM party leader Raila Odinga, and is obviously supporting his 2022 presidential bid.

Uhuru and Raila buried the hatchet through the famous March 9, 2018, after many years of being fierce political opponents.

Since then, the Head of State has made numerous trips to Nyanza to launch development projects, after giving the region a wide berth during his first term in office.

According to Opanga, this is Uhuru’s plan: To pay political debt his family owes the Odingas, and to save his legacy which will be hurt greatly by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

In his column on Daily Nation, he noted the bad blood between Kikuyus and Luos was caused by the fallout between founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru’s father, and his Vice President Jaramogi Oginga, Raila’s father.

“The Kikuyu have always rejected Raila, yet his dad refused to be made Premier by colonialists, insisting there would be no independence without jailed Kenyatta,” Opanga said.

“The President appears ready to pay the Luo the debt his dad incurred when he betrayed Jaramogi,” the veteran analyst added.

Lastly, Opanga said Uhuru will be unable to fulfill his Big Four Agenda by 2022 due to COVID-19, arguing that he will have to back Raila to take over power to save his face.

“In 2022 President Kenyatta’s Big Four legacy projects will still be a pipe dream. The saving grace would appear to be for him to bridge the chasm between the Luo and Kikuyu begat by his father Jomo when he betrayed Raila’s dad, Jaramogi,” he said.

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