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Why women rights activist wants the marital phrase ‘you may now kiss the bride’ changed to ‘may the groom kiss you?’

The activist argues that the current phrase is patriarchal. [Photo/Courtesy]
Should the phrase “You may now kiss the bride” be changed to “May the groom kiss you?”

Well, Samira Isimbi a feminist Twitter user from North Cyprus says thehe phrase “You may now kiss the bride” is heavily patriarchal as its only addresed to the man.

Isimbi claims that the woman is given no choice whatsoever to choose whether she wants to kiss the man or not.

She notes and that the fact that the woman wants to marry the man doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to kiss him.

Some social media users have, however, disagreed with her statement saying that the fact that the bride is usually aware that they are getting married and knows the wedding procedure, means she has already given consent.

Isimbi may, nevertheless, have echoed what many other women think about the same but do not have the guts to voice it out.

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