Why you should not eat fresh meat

Meat being chopped [Source/]
Do you like your meat cooked as fresh as from the slaughterhouse?

Well, contrary to many Kenyans’ understanding, a new research by the Kenya Market Trust recommends we should go for meat that has lasted for more than a day as long as it has been preserved in a cold environment.

“There is a difference between meat and muscle. Meat is what has undergone “rigor” or what has taken 12 to 24 hours after slaughter,” food safety consultant professor Erastus Kang’ethe told Standard Media

He further says that meat that has been preserved for few days in a refrigerator is of better quality and Kenyans should not be afraid of consuming the same.

Kang’ethe added: “This is because the meat is likely to be safe and of better quality.”

He also advises that microbial organisms cannot survive in ‘cold’ meat and it can therefore remain safe as compared to ‘hot’ meat.

The report comes barely 3 months after an NTV exposè revealed how a section of supermarkets used toxic chemicals to preserve meat in the shelves.

It is alleged that rogue supermarket owners used sulphite, a chemical that preserves meat for long, keeping it looking fresh and thereby preventing loses.

The exposè prompted the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) to call for prosecution of various business personalities involved.

“Prosecute and publish the names of any persons engaged in the sale of unwholesome, poisonous, adulterated foods and ensure their licenses are cancelled upon conviction,” said LSK chief executive Mercy Wambua

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