William Ruto Disagrees with Uhuru, Says BBI Was Dangerous for Kenyans

Deputy President William Ruto in an apparent response toward the statement made by President Uhuru Kenyatta on an interview ,has disagreed with his boss  on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the ruling which sounded the death-knell for the handshake document.

The Hustler Nation movement  leader stated  that the document was particularly dangerous for Kenyans and it would have clawed back the gains that the citizens had made in eliminating an imperial presidency. Specifically pointing  out the proposals in the document such as a head of state appointing lawmakers into the Executive and the creation of the office of the ombudsman, the  Deputy President termed the whole idea dangerous to a democracy.

“The BBI was going to roll back all the gains we have made. We fought for almost 30 years against an imperial presidency. The BBI was going to install an imperial presidency in a very unprecedented way. Let us not lie to ourselves and the people. BBI was dangerous for Kenya and we thank God it failed,” he said on Tuesday, August 24.

The Head of state had earlier on said that  he firmly believed in uniting the country and part of that was by having more leadership positions as proposed in the now-moribund BBI document. This is denied by the Deputy President who termed it as a way of getting Kenyans back to the same leadership that they were avoiding or rather trying to change .This insinuated that the President  was to use this strategy as a way of prolonging his power or rather propelling ODM party leader into leadership.

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