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Winnie Kungania attacked by Grace Mukiri aka Mukiri Okusimba over a facebook post!

The war between two kimeru media houses has taken a new twist after the current Muuga FM boss Grace Mukiri decided enough is enough and went for her former boss Winnie Kungania over a facebook post.Winnie went ahead to congratulate Frank Makathimo the head of Meru FM for good work something that didn’t go well with Grace.

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Winnie had been the head of Muuga FM where she was Deputised by her husband Mbaka Muriuki for many years till the vibrant Meru FM came and took over.They both lost their jobs at Muuga FM as their management skills were highly questioned as some thought Muuga FM was being led from their bedroom.

Mbaka Muriuki didn’t stay home for long before joining the rival Meru FM and has been doing the vocal show Ntoogo ya Kinyinga alongside Mwenda Saba and comical Mukuru M’lithara.Its  mainly a political show that interviews the heavy weights in Meru/Tharaka Nithi region.The regional balancing at Meru FM is fantastic and its working for them, on the other hand Muuga FM is still struggling with regional balance, the recent being the entry of Mwenda Gichuru as the deputy head of radio making the other Meru sub-tribes feel more marginalised.

But where did the rain start beating Muuga FM?

Meru FM leads in Upper Eastern
Picturecourtesy of KARF report

This is the question many are asking, it is believed that Muuga felt comfortable and never took their competitor (Meru FM) serious.Meru FM being the underdog applied all available strategies among them ensuring regional balance in all their shows and going to mashinani to engage one on one with their listeners, when Muuga FM came from slumberland,Meru FM were the new kings.

Its believed that Frank Gituma is the think tank behind Meru FM quick rise to dominance the fact being thatch is always on the look out and ready to try new things as opposed to Muuga FM that has stagnated doing the same things hoping for different results.

Meru FM program starts early in the morning with the Meru gospel queen cum presenter Makena Matiri wa Mwongera,while Muuga has the new kid Nkatha Wa Rintaugu who took over from Mukiri when she was promoted.

Meru FM Breakfast show comes shortly after with Prolific hosts(Akuru Bathatu), a combination of youthful, creative guys.Karani Kithama,Mwarimu Mawira and ever comical Paul Kinoti who was never utilised at Muuga FM but to Meru FM he is proving to be an asset.At Muuga FM you will be forgiven to think you are in 2006 era as the old tired and routine men of Mwana Onti and Mugongoo takes over.The only thing that these duo does well is newspaper review nothing else thanks to the inclusion of the Sassy Munene wa Kanunkunu who comes in and makes the show look balanced..

Meru FM also appears nationally courtesy of KARF report

Mid Morning Meru FM has DJ Taker the public noisemaker and Silbana who was also at Muuga but they didn’t see her worth.At Muuga FM Mid morning is hosted by Munene wa Kagwi and Gacheru wa Mwirigi.

Our sources tells us that Frank’s ability to detect the potential of each and every employee and fixing them where he feels they belonged has helped them a lot in destabilising Muuga FM.He works closely with his team and has balanced every main show to be represented by TNC and Meru county host.


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