Young man narrates the hell he went through in Qatar that left him near death

Isaac Kiprotich/Credit/

A 23 years old Kenyan from Nandi county had just completed his fourth form when a recruitment agency, promising a good pay in Qatar sent an agent, Frederick Bwaber to recruit workers in his county.

Upon being promised a monthly income of Sh30,000 plus free food and accommodation, Isaac Kiprotich could not turn down the offer.

“As I thought of what our family goes through daily, I got more convinced to end my fears or doubts and seek greener pastures to help my people from this kind of life,” Kiprotich says.

He was required to pay Sh30,000 for overhead costs and Sh100,000 for his plane ticket before appearing at the immigration department in Nairobi to get the travel documents.

Luckily, Isaac managed to raise the cash through donations and sale of some of his family property.

On arrival in Qatar with five other Kenyans, they stayed stranded at the airport from midnight to 3 am, when a person known as ‘John’ came and picked them up and abandoned them in a warehouse with no food.

The following day, instead of taking up the role of a security guard that he had been promised before leaving Nairobi, he became a flagman where he worked without pay and minimal food for 3 months.

He later discovered that the company used to dispatch his pay through ‘John’ who never gave him even a single cent.

In October 2018, Isaac broke his hip joint and didn’t receive any medical care as he didn’t have insurance or cash.

After one month of suffering with immobility, he decided to post his complicated situation on Facebook where he received help from Nandi Governor and other well wishers who helped him to get back home for treatment.

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