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YouTuber Maureen Waititu Breaks silence on Frankie’s deadbead dad allegations

Maureen Waititu addresses the public on allegations of dead beat dad, Frankie via her YouTube channel.

People on social media were quick to put up comments, some were deemed as an attack on Maureen and she has taken the initiative to responded and clear up on the issue.

The mother of two mentioned that her separation that happened a year a month ago with her baby daddy and has not been an easy journey and it takes time to heal.


“I have never spoken ill of Frankie, he chose his path and I chose mine. He moved on faster and I am still in the healing process, which is ok since the journeys we walk are different,” she said.

Frankie’s Ex clarified that: “I didn’t call him a dead beat dad. I am a single mum which is fine and he tries and I am not ungrateful for what he does for his kids. He is making an effort, he is trying to do what he is expected to do. They’re things that I expect him to do better like being present for his kids.’

Maureen Waititu says she was trolled online over Frankie’s video

Maureen stated, she is so grateful his mum could allow them to live in the house.

“I feel bad that people assume I am ungrateful and labelling him as a dead beat dad- I have never said anything bad about him in public. Yes, it’s a journey where there’re bits of anger here and there towards him or on our confrontations,” she added.

According to Maureen, she did not lie that the house she was living in was her’s but people went on to attack her.

“I didn’t lie that the house I am staying in was my place…which was one of the attacks I got. It is the house that was given to us then and which I am still in even though I have renovated it to suit my children during this pandemic,” she added.


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